First things first…

Wake up.  Reach over.  Turn alarm off.  As your hand comes off the phone you slide it across the nightstand and grab the phone on the way back to the warmth from the reality of the cold morning!

Click. Slide. 4-digit password.  Then…

Then what?

Twitter? Facebook?  Work Email? Messages & Texts? An App?

What if the Creator of the Universe was waiting to connect with you?  Waiting to hear your voice?  Waiting to hear your desire to love The Lord your God with all Comprare cialis, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength…?

Here’s a challenge:

Before you connect with anyone electronically… connect with God in prayer. 

Before you read a message from anybody… read a message from God’s Word (doesn’t have to be long). 

Before you wish someone a good day or happy birthday or comment on the weather via social media or message… connect with someone in your home with a kind word or expression of love.



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