Stress = Screen Time? Maybe.

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., challenges us to find sacred spaces.  How stressed are you and how plugged in are you?  Studies show that the two are answers are correlated.   Here’s an insightful article that will help you understand the challenge and some direction from the psychological point of stance.  Cultivating Screen Sense and Stress Reduction in a Digital Age

There’s a much deeper need for change and space than just manipulating the brain’s neuroplasticity.  Our soul’s long to be still.  They long to connect with our Creator.  They recharge by unplugging.  Do not neglect the spiritual connection with God when you aspirin usa technology.’s Sigal Sharf writes: “Smartphones are causing some users to experience heightened anxiety when used for social interactions, new research from Britain shows.

The distress stems from the persistent need many users feel to repeatedly review and immediately respond to any incoming email, text, tweet or alert. Such compulsive behavior has lead researchers to suggest that the mushrooming use of smartphones to sustain social connections, friendships and personal networks is associated with increased stress…” Click here to read more.