7 Day Family Smartphone Challenge

7 Day Family ChallengeWhether your family has been “connected” with smartphones for years, or if you are about to begin the conversation… here’s a good place to start for a family.  Apply these principles to phones, tablets, and computers.  Click on this link to get the pdf: 7 DAY SMARTPHONE CHALLENGE pdf


First, read through the list with your family.  The first 5 items are non negotiables.  The second list are ways in which we are going to withdraw from our use of our connecting technology – choose two or three actions from this list.  The third list is a list of ways to step forward (some items use and some do not use technology) choose two or three from this list.   Notice that there is a space in the two lists for you to add on a better idea or more applicable action for your family/smartphone scenario.  Make this challenge work for you.


The challenge is for every one in the family!  There’s no doubt that the challenge will take effort, for some it will take more effort than others.  Some people will cheat, some people will be legalistic score keepers.  Our hope for you is that you will see, feel, think, and process information in a way that you haven’t in quite a while.  There will be withdrawals, but that’s ok, crestor online it through this.  Tips for making it through the 7 Days of the Challenge:

  • Encourage (don’t nag) others in your family as they work through it.
  • Tell a friend(s) that is not doing it that you’re doing a 7 Day Challenge (maybe they’ll join in).
  • Pray that God will open your eyes and heart during this Challenge.
  • Pick something positive to do with your new found “extra time”.


The point of the 7 DAY SMARTPHONE CHALLENGE pdf is to take an assessment of your personal and family’s smartphone/pad dependency and over use.  As you can see on this website and information dealing with iFamily, when a person or a family’s “connectedness” through technology goes unchecked it produces harmful physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual results for the user.