Smartphones & Teens 101

Is your teen ready for a smartphone?

Will it make them smarter?

Does your teen “NEED” a smartphone?

Is your kid the “ONLY” teen on the planet that does not have a smartphone?

Are there any side effects to my teen having a smartphone and being “connected” all the time?

What are some guidelines I can follow buy Imitrex online usa and habits with a smartphone?

These are great questions, and they need to be answered before you follow the crowd and buy your tween or teen an iphone 5 (because it now comes in cute colors & because you’re tired of them borrowing yours)!

“Are you considering buying your teen a Smartphone? Does your teen insist he or she is the only one without one? Well, according to the research he or she may be half-way right… The Pew Research and American Life Project’s “Teens and Technology 2013” study found most US teens own a cell phone and about half of those cells are in fact Smartphones.”

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