Connected and Alone?

What if you had every resource to be constantly connected to every one of your family members?Plugged in parents

What if you had every resource at your disposition to share day to day information with important people in your life?

What if you could stay connected with your college roommate (who you haven’t seen in decades) and their family?

What if … What if research showed that as “connected” as we are now, we are lonelier than we’ve every been.

World renowned researcher Sherry Turkle does an incredible job in her TED Talk analyzing what has happened to us psychologically and sociologically as people and communities as we have become more and more connected.

By the way… if your family looks like the family in the picture above right now… put down your phone, step away from the computer or tablet, and start a game of “Would you rather…?”  I’ll give you a couple of freebies: 1) Would you rather eat your siblings booger OR bathe an alien with your toothbrush then brush your teeth…?  2)  Would you rather go to Disney World for a month OR win $1,000,000?

IF now is a good time to watch this incredible video… enjoy the show!