Cell phones are here.

Smartphones are here.

If you’re reading this article you probably don’t own a “dumb phone”.

This is our new reality.   Should we embrace it?  Should we bury our heads in the sand?  Should we move to the mountains and find a spot where there is no wifi signal to hijack our time, energy, and relational space?  NOT AN OPTION.

Adapt and move forward.  Some of the articles you will see here are extremely “cautionary” as it pertains to smartphone use.  There is a way in which we can use our phones to connect, simplify life, and help one another.  Our hope is that we can help each other avoid the pitfalls and seek the helpful ways in which to use this technology and it not interfere with our connection with God & one another.

Adapt and move backwards may also be an option for you.  Pray for wisdom and find peers who will make you be honest with your answers and who care about you and your family as you make decisions about your iFamily.

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