Technology is the devil, right?


One of the constants in human history is that our God is seeking to connect with us.  Another constant is the journey that mankind is on to seek “what else is out there”.  This search can be good or bad.    The master piece by MichelAngelo (Creation) depicts an Almighty God straining to reach his creation: Man, made in His Own image.  He reaches, strains and stretches to touch & connect with the created one, Adam.  Man, on the other hand, sits back relaxed with his hand toards where God is at… making no effort.  He seems… uninterested.  An effort would take… well, effort.

Surely there are more exciting things to discover… God, after all, is always there.  How much relying on Him, worshiping Him, being still and knowing Him can one person do?  What about the world around us?

What if man had not pushed to innovate some simple things, such as “the wheel”?  What if man had never risked leaving a dark cave to to tame fire, build buildings & homes, create aqueducts, plant seeds?  What if man had not recorded the past to learn from and discover the patterns of Truth that God had laid out in the stars, body health and functions, seasons, nature, or food?  What if man had not molded hard metals into the shape that he wanted them?

Those are a lot of  “what if’s”.  That road is nothing less than the discovery of Truth.  God has laid out the world according to it’s True foundations which help provide and sustain life because of God’s great providence.  Inside of man is the search for God… and the search for how & why.  In that search we discover God.   That search can also end up being a god.  That is a danger to our own True existence.

Technology has sent us on a quest that has drastically improved our mobility, health solutions, and even connection with others.    Take a look at this video:

There is no doubt that the knowledge we have learned and put together has advanced many life giving and life saving technologies.  NO DOUBT.

What if you are able to connect with someone you were not able to connect with before?

What if you’re able to go somewhere you were not able to go to before?

What if you are able to live a day, a year, a decade, a lifetime you would not have been able to live before.

Technology is incredible.  Fascinating.

IF that incredible search for knowledge, creating, discovery distracts us from connecting with the people God has blessed us to be around, we have lost our way.

IF the ability to create or admire man made creation or discovery distracts us from the admiration of The Creator, we have lost our way… and have lost our True Self.

Cell phones, Smartphones, Rotary phones, Skyping, Notepads, iPads, … no, they are not the devil.  They can be witnesses to God’s great creation.  They can be instruments of God’s Will.   Do not let them distract you from connecting with the people you are blessed to be around.  Do not give them the power to keep you away or distract you from the Almighty God that breathed life into your body & soul.

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