Cell Phone Contract

Having a cell phone or smartphone opens up a whole new world for tweens and teens. Parents and kids need to be on the same page – literally – and this phone contract can help achieve that both with actual logistics as well as a broader idea of what phone behavior is acceptable, and what is not.  While this will not guarantee a “problem free” smartphone usage, it will give parents and teens an understanding of what the ground rules are for the privilege of having the use of their phone.


Check out this family’s experience, as featured on Good Morning America
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Click one of the following links if you’d like to see this contract: 18 point contract posted on their family’s blog or here to see the full story as reported by the Huffington Post


For more information about building a Cell Phone Contract, go to this Josh Shipp’s website:  . Josh Shipp has made great 9 point contract that can be molded or edited to fit your needs: PDF of Phone Contract


This example of a contract is a great start for first time users.  It also includes some of the “financial” resonsibility that the teen will have when using their cell phone.  CLICK HERE.


Just as every person is unique, so is every family.  Each family has a different schedule.  Some families reading this will be on their 3rd child who is about to receive their first phone, while other families will be debating if it’s time for their first born needs one.   What will the ground rules zetia online usa?  They will probably be very similar in some ways, and unique in other ways.  Taylor a contract that will meet your families needs and help them Connect to God and to other people with their time and energy.