Can Texting help “Parenting Relationships”?

Lisa Belkin does a remarkable job in her post discussing the way that “texting” with her children allows her to be in the moment with her kids.  She tells how she’s able to stay connected with her own parents.

What if texting could help you be a better parent? Take some time and watch the video interview of Lisa Belkin by the staff of “SCREEN SENSE” of the Huffington Post.  Here’s the article:  “In Defense of Texting: My Favorite Parenting Tool”

There are many more useful articles in the “Screen Sense” link that you may want to explore.  There is no doubt that parenting is hard.  There’s empirical data that indicates clear health risks and addiction when there is too much screen time and dopamine hits through messaging.  Moderation becomes a bad word… but it’s a necessary (physically, Zoloft, and spiritually).  How can you harness the power of texting to be a better parent?  Enjoy the read of the post, and take a look at the “Screen Sense” articles.