7 Tips for iFamilies

Susan Stiffelman writes some great advice for parents about making a “technology move” or “change” within their family.  Shes a Family Therapists and offers this challenge and 7 Helpful Tips (click HERE for the full article).  Parents today are dealing with a challenge that no other generation has faced. None of us were prepared to deal with the intense pull and highly addictive nature of what the online world has to offer. We’re all learning on the fly, trying to make sense of devices and online destinations that, in many cases, our children understand better than we do. As parents, we have an opportunity to guide our kids so that they can learn habits that help them make use of the digital world, without being swallowed whole by it.

1. Talk — and listen.
2. Model healthy habits.
3. Establish rituals.
4. Avoid heated negotiations. 
5. Invest time in connecting.
6. Be fearless. 
7. Prepare for withdrawal. 

Stiffleman is NOT ANTI TECHNOLOGY.  She’s helping us use it in a way that strengthens families and the people that use technology.   Make sure you read the whole article.