Contracts for Teens and Parents

Select one of the contracts that will be most useful for your family at this time.  Cell Phone Contract or Social Media Contract.

Avoid the drama and make sure everybody is on the same page.  Set specific boundaries.  Make sure everybody understands the rules.  When rules are followed, there can be a possible change to the rules.

The point in making a Contract is so that both parties understand how to best use the smartphone.  This will allow the phone to be a help to the users life and to their family.  When the use of the phone – whether for business or entertainment or connecting with others – becomes a point of distraction and isolation from someone’s family.  This goes for ALL smartphone users in the family.

Parents need to take a leadership role in formulating the contract, however, that does not mean that the teen has no say whatsoever in the construction of the contract.  Rules need to be based on facts and not the way you “feel”.  The parent does have ultimate decision, and that decision should be based on what is life-giving for the user.  Teens can also have a say in the contract and how parents use their phone.    The boundaries and rules are meant to be ways to help each other enjoy their life connected to God and to one another.  The boundaries are not meant to be vindictive.