Parents and Smartphones= Addiction?

fb-home-in-bedIf you’ve had a smartphone for a while, you’ve been asked by your spouse “can you put that thing down?” with a frustrating tone.   Sometimes it’s during a phone call… sometimes it’s in the midst of a furry of thumb action and the lit screen illuminating your face.  And sometimes… it’s Pinterest/Candycrush/you-name-it.

Phrases muttered back from such an accusing and interrupting question usually go like this: “What…?”; “Just one more thing…”; “I’ve got to answer this…”; “It’s work… I’ve got to get this one”; or “…ok… but I’ve almost gotten to the next level!!!  Please – Just one more second…”

Are-modern-moms-and-dads-too-distracted-by-their-phones Adults are able to be very efficient with their work by having access to all their contacts, information that is mobile with them, and being able to access resources quicker than ever before.  But that doesn’t always translate into a, especially not a healthy relational life.

Dopamine, the chemical released into the brain when you get a new message, creates a high that your body begins to crave.  In fact, webmd classifies it as an addictive feeling that can be rather destructive.  It can be no different than the high a gambler feels or a person who is using a substance they are putting into their bodies feels as the rush of the chemical hits their blood stream.  Check out this article on webmd or this NYTIMES article (take note that smartphones make the internet and connecting software and apps even more accessible).

We will list several articles that can help you UNPLUG or DISCONNECT that you may need to take an honest look at.  We encourage you to enlist the help of those around you to implement some steps that can help you do this.  We will also list some articles that can help you discern if you are on your phone more than it is necessary, helpful or healthy.  The Huffington Post has a great list of articles that can be helpful in both of these processes.  Click HERE.

Finally, I’d also encourage you to check out our blog post related to cell phone use and health.  Click Here.


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